2011 State Assessment Feedback

This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the May 2011 ELA Assessment in grades 3-8. NYSUT will share your observations (but no names or identifying details) with education policymakers. Your feedback is essential to improve the testing process for all students.

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2. Grade(s) taught:
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3. Was the level of difficulty of the questions in the May 2011 ELA assessment appropriate for the grade level?

If No,
3a. Was the level of difficulty too low or too high?

4. Did the questions in the May 2011 ELA assessment use grade-level appropriate vocabulary?

If No,
4a. Was the vocabulary too easy or too difficult?

5. Comparing the May 2011 ELA Assessment to the 2010 assessment, do you judge the latest exam overall to be
more rigorous, less rigorous, or of about the same rigor as the 2010 ELA assessment?

6. How extensive was the material on the assessment that would not typically be covered until after the May assessment?

7. Do you feel the rubrics for determining grades on the May 2011 ELA assessment are accurate measures of student performance?

8. This year's assessment contained a greater number of questions than previous assessments.
Overall, did students have sufficient time to demonstrate their ELA knowledge within the time frame of the assessment?

9. Did you have enough time to administer the assessment to all of the students scheduled to take the assessment?

10. Do you have any comments or concerns related to the 2011 ELA assessment you would like to share now?