This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the January 2007 English language arts assessment in grades 3-8. NYSUT will share your observations (but no names or identifying details) with education policymakers and will report results on our Web site. Your feedback is essential to improve the testing process for all students.

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1. Grade(s) taught:
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2. Student Information:

Please detail below the impact, both positive and negative, of these assessments on you and your students. Include any information you find relevant on the preparation, administration and scoring of the test. Specific feedback about the assessment for particular grades or subgroups of students is also helpful. Include both positive and negative comments as appropriate. We want to know what works and should be reinforced, as well as what doesn’t work and needs to be changed.

3. In general, what was the impact of the assessment on your students?
4. Describe the effect the assessment had on the learning environment in your classroom.
5. Give an example of the effect the assessment had, whether positive or negative,
on an individual student or a small group of students.
6. Add any other comments about the assessment you think are important:
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